Company Profile  

Who are we ?

Reef are a British company formed in 1982, employing 10 specialists at our office located 20 miles east of London.

What we do..

Reef Engineering specialise in the design and manufacture of Soldering equipment and production automation.

What do we sell ?

We manufacture and sell to the highest standards a range of soldering products, such as Static, Rotary and Dynamic Solder Pots, Semi Automatic Solder machines, Production systems, Automatic Screen machines, Foil machines, Solder accessories and production solutions.

Why buy Reef ?

Reef are able to offer a complete service to the customer, starting with design, taking you right through to manufacture, so you get the product you need. It is our policy to give our customers first class service to go with their purchase.

As a primary manufacturer of soldering and special purpose equipment, we are able to help solve the customers problems in a way which suits both technical and budgetary requirements.

Basically, Reef products improve productivity and the bottom line.

Who are Reef's Customers ?

Many of the worlds leading electronics companies use Reef equipment. Sony, Panasonic, Thomson, Philips, IBM, Nokia, Schneider electric, Shrack, SSI, Marconi, Delphi, C.P.Clare & Hanson to name just a few.

In fact we export between 80 to 90 % of the machines we manufacture.


Now you know all about Reef, why not have a look at our product range.